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Jesse Tyler Ferguson makes me see red

Actors and directors who love working together can speak to each other in a kind of short-hand. Like when my friend, writer-director Eric Champnella called.  The conversation when something like this:

Eric: Hey L2.
Loren: Hey Champ.
Eric: Do you want to…
Loren: Yes.

I was in Eric’s film The Old Man and the Studio, and I knew whatever Eric was doing, I wanted to be part of it.

The result:  me and Jesse Tyler Ferguson in a very “controversial” Funny or Die short.

Loren Lester, Jesse Tyler Ferguson in Funny of Die

Loren Lester

Loren Lester has amassed over 40 years of film, stage, and television credits.. He is best known for his portrayal of DC Comics superhero Robin and Nightwing in the numerous Batman animated series and features in the DC Animated Universe.

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