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Cinematic Universe (2017) – Loren interviewed by James Hunt in the UK about Batman & Harley Quinn.

Shanlian on Batman – (2017) Episode “#88 Loren talks about his career and the upcoming feature Batman & Harley Quinn.

History of The Batman with Londyn – (2017) Episode #69 “Robin is Red; Nightwing is Blue.” Loren discusses Batman: The Animated Series and the fans of the show that has now spanned 25 years and two generations.

Who Did That Voice – (2016) Episode #30. This interview with Loren is a continuing series on voice-over actors who have played iconic roles. (hosted by Trenton Larkin)

Batman: The Animated Podcast – (2015) Loren reflects on “Old Wounds”, his favorite episode playing Dick Grayson (hosted by Justin Michael and comedian Hector Navarro)

GeekCast Radio – (2013) Loren returns for Part Two of his interview with Mike Blanchard.

Saturday Morning Rewind – (2012) Loren discusses his animation career.

GeekCast Radio – (2012) Loren reflects on his almost 40-year career as a voice-over and on-camera actor (with host Mike Blanchard)

Flashback with Carey Fisher – (2010) Interview covering Loren’s career.


Panel with Loren Lester & Kevin Conroy – (2016) Transcript & photos of “Batman & Robin” and their panel together at Wizard World.

Nerd Soapbox – (2016) One of Loren’s favorite interviews. Hosted by a puppet.

NerdRush TV (2016) – Loren discusses upcoming BTAS projects featuring Batman and Robin.

Working with Mark Hamill – (2016) Loren and Kevin Conroy reflect on working with the definitive “Joker”, Mark Hamill.

Long Beach Comic-Con (2016) – Full audio of panel with Loren and Kevin Conroy.

Long Beach Comic-Con (2016) – Short portion of panel with Loren and Kevin Conroy.

Long Beach Comic-Con (2016) – Short interview by Authentic Culture Network at Loren’s signing table.

After the Wizard – (2016) Loren discusses his role in the indie feature After the Wizard.

Kyle Higgins – (2014) – Kyle describes how he hears Loren’s voice when he writes Dick Grayson comic books.

Cult Films with MJ Simpson – (2014) Interview with Loren about his first animation job and various “cult” film roles he’s had throughout his career.

Pure Gold – (2012) Loren discusses his career on radio call-in show.

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